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A Day Out At the Bohemian and Saxon National Park

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Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic is a once in a lifetime experience that everyone should visit. The city is known for its amazing views and exquisite experiences. Also, home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city center of Prague is one of the largest in the world and offers a plethora of options for the tourists. When you visit the place, you should look for an experience that is beyond the regular tourist offerings and that is exactly what tours by Bohemia Adventures has to offer.

Bohemian adventure tours go beyond the ordinary and offer some of the best one-day tours from Prague. Prague is neighbored by the Bohemian and Saxon National Park. A 90-minute drive from the city, the national park needs more than a day to completely explore. But with one-day tours by Bohemia Adventures, you can get a glimpse of the place within one day. So today let us look at some key highlights of the Bohemian and Saxon National Park that one must not miss.

The Bastei Bridge: A key highlight of the National Park, the Bastei bridge is a rock formation standing 194 meters. over the Elbe river and was formed over a million years ago due to water erosion. Earlier, the Neurathen castle stood here but after its destruction, apart from the remains, the bridge is the major tourist spot and has been crowded by tourists for over 200 years.

The bridge, because of its breathtaking views is crowded by tourists throughout the day. Early morning or a late evening visit is the best time to experience the place without having to deal with the crowd.

The Pravcicka Gate: The Czech Republic has several naturally beautified attractions but among them lies the largest natural sandstone arch in Europe, the Pravcicka Gate. 21 mt high and 27 mt wide, the arch is a major tourist attraction and a must-see place during your visit to the national park.

The views of the arch can be enjoyed from multiple points around the area and will offer a different perspective each time apart from its majestic design and feel. While the top is out-of-bounds to the tourists due to erosion, it has been seen in some popular movies such as Chronicles of Narnia.

The Gorges of Kamenice: A sea existed millions of years ago and which then dried up leading to the formation of the sandstones from the sand bed. By the side of these sandstone towers run the river of Kamenice.

These two combined together are the perfect place for a day hike and the sandstone towers are even popular among the climbers. It is a key highlight of the tours by Bohemia adventures because of its serene and calm outlook.

Prague is a place full of surprises and is the perfect destination if you are looking for one-day tours near the city. The Bohemian and Saxon National Park is the perfect destination for a day out and is highlighted in every Bohemian adventure tour.

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