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8 Tips to Teach Effectively

Teachers are the guiding lights who lead children on a path of knowledge, teaching them not only math and literature (amongst other subjects) but also aligning their moral compass, so that they know the difference between right and wrong. Some teachers are strict, some warm and some are in between, but what makes a teacher truly great is his or her ability to nurture young minds. Admittedly, there is no manual which teaches teachers to be great at their work, but the following tips are going to serve as effective pointers towards achieving the same.

Passion is the key

 Not only towards the subject, but passion towards guiding the students is a key ingredient in making a teacher successful. You cannot imitate this passion in front of your students to make them feel you genuinely care, what matters is that your passion towards the profession is actually authentic.

Know your students

 A lot of teachers are very well acquainted with the subject, masters in their own right and yet they do not make very good teachers. This is because they shy away from one of the main responsibilities of a teacher-getting to know the student. Every student has his own strengths, his own weaknesses & his own tempo of learning. It is critical that a teacher be well aware of a student in order to make sure that the student grasps the concepts perfectly.

Build a safe & encouraging environment
Students are hesitant to take part in class discussions because they are afraid of being the subject of mockery by their peers. It’s the responsibility of the teacher to make a student feel comfortable in taking part in class discussions, asking doubts freely etc.

Keep it simple.

A truly great teacher needs to develop ways to get simplify complex concepts so that the student have an easier time understanding and memorizing such concepts. Anagrams, real-life examples and student involvement are a few steps to achieve this.

Manage time students & resources judiciously.

The ability to manage students in a class, to make the optimum use of time & to judiciously use resources in order to achieve the desired goal of the lesson is another important factor in becoming a good teacher.

Be on good terms with both colleagues as well as parents.

The importance of being on good terms with the parents is to keep them updated about their child’s progress, his future prospective & any issues or problems he is facing at school. Further, if you enjoy an amicable relation with your colleagues, you might just learn some new innovative teaching technique from them which is bound to be extremely useful in the long run.

Have a good rapport with students.

As mentioned above it is invaluable that you enjoy a good relationship with your students. Students are in need of someone to look towards in case of trouble, a sort of a guardian angel who is there to provide them with much needed guidance. Do this and your students will not only respect you but shower you with love as well.

Don’t hesitate to acquaint yourself with new techniques & styles.

Don’t be rigid in your teaching style. With the development of technology, new avenues of learning are opening up, which is leading to the inception of new teaching styles. Be willing to experiment, who knows the next technique you try might make explaining a concept way easier.

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