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8 Genius Ways To Easily Manage Vanity In The Bathroom Area

Bathroom vanity can be demarcated as the mishmash of mirrors, bathroom sink or basin, counter top and the storing areas in the bathroom. It can also be illustrated as the pieces of bathroom cabinetry designed to hold bathroom sink and is helpful when concealing the associated plumbing. Bathroom vanity styles have changed considerably over the years. The styles have evolved from simple designs, traditional styles then to elegant styles and also spa-like installations.

Bathroom vanity can be made from a number of materials which should be water proof since the bathroom is known to be the wet area in the home. Bathroom vanity comes in different ranges of shapes, sizes, colors and designs. The designs can be traditional, art deco, French provincial modern designs or any other designs that one would wish for. The size of the vanity designed depends on the bathroom size itself. It is vital for the vanity to be proportional for stability and for it to portray the intended look.  When deciding bathroom vanity, the first consideration factor should be the size of the bathroom itself.

This will help design a proportional vanity that is neither too large nor small but the right size.  It is vital for one to keep in mind that bathroom vanity highly dictates the style and elegance of the whole bathroom area. Maintenance amount should also be considered when choosing vanity. This is because lack of proper maintenance can lead to damage or loss if its luster.

A perfect vanity design requires cautious preparation and attention to elements since there are plenty of decisions to be made. There are many designs one can use to attain when decorating their bathroom area. This article focuses on illustration of how one can attain vanity into their bathroom areas.

Sliding Glass Doors.

A sliding glass door is designed as a large glass window to open in a way that provides door access from or into the bathroom. It is designed as a single unit entailing of two panel sections, one which is fixed and one made mobile so as to slide open.  This design was first familiarized as a noteworthy element of pre-war International style architecture in Europe and North America. It was first used in standard residential areas and hospitals but later welcomed by many people when building homes in many parts of the country. Since the door operates on a trajectory of movement from side to side, it therefore does not require space in front of the bathroom area for the door to open. This makes the design a great one for small spaces.

The doors can be framed, semi-framed or frameless shower doors whereby the price varies depending on one’s choice with the semi-framed and frameless design being a bit costly compared to the framed design. This vanity design is available in enclosures that can either be flat or curved. Sliding glass door design help to add unmatched luxury to the bathroom, provide easy access to the bathroom, allow flow of natural light and are environmental friendly.

Open Storage Area

In the case of a small bathroom, it is advisable to make use of all the space available. One can consider setting up a vanity in a corner which offers unexploited space which would otherwise go unused. This will help to prevent the area from feeling dim. Open storage can be designed as an open unit that has built-in towel bar and one can also add a shelf where one can place a storage basket.

Adding Stone Wall For The Vanity

Apart from the bathroom interior designs, the bathroom wall also requires design. Stone walls are among the biggest trends used by designers. These stone help to add grandness to the bathroom and bring a uniquely beautiful wall design. The stones can be combined with wood to enhance a fancy and modern design. There are many types of stones one can use which include boulders, carbon stone slabs, bricks, polished slate and white cement bricks among others.

Pebbles And Wood Floor

Designing a wooden floor combined with pebbles and stone not only make the bathroom look gorgeous but it also gives the room a rustic feel when one enters the bathroom. This is a design where maintenance and cleaning couldn’t be easier since pebbles and wood floors are resistant to liquid spills and dirt. Therefore, wiping or brushing the surface is enough for maintenance.

Installing Modern Rustic Design

In the case when dealing with low budget, one can decide to use a modern rustic design in the bathroom area. This design makes use of old and already used materials to give the bathroom area a unique and fresh look.

Modern Lighting Fixtures

Bathroom lighting comprises of ceiling lights and mirror lighting. Lighting fixtures used in the bathroom can bring out a good and welcoming mood in the bathroom area. Use of modern lighting fixtures not only makes the place beautiful but it also makes the room cozy giving an inviting ambiance. It is important to consider the lighting fixtures to use when designing your bathroom vanity because use of the right lighting can not only revitalize the bathroom but it can also compliment the whole décor of the place.

Matching Colors

Small details are important when dealing with bathroom vanity and colors. It is therefore vital to consider the best colors to combine or match depending on the expected look. One should combine bathroom colors with confidence to achieve a desired mood or effect. Combining colors can bring a cool and peaceful serenity hence matching colors can be useful when deciding how to accomplish vanity in the bathroom area.

Modern Storage Furniture Designs

Storage furniture in the bathroom can bring out vanity depending on the design use. Modern designs include storage furniture with doors, without doors and also with glass doors. The design chosen helps to increase or decrease storage space. Making the right choice of modern design that blend with your bathroom overall design helps to create a more comfortable and functional interior bathroom design. This helps one to store all accessories, towels and essential items in order.