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8 Fashion Secrets That You Need To Know Today

It happens most of the time that in spite of buying expensive clothes we fail to dazzle the look. Or we choose the wrong outfit and then wonder why it looked so good on the other person but not us. Well, here are all the answers to our follies. Below are some very important tips from celebrity stylist that we need to follow today:

1. Figure out your type

All of us look good in that one type of clothing. So what is yours you need to figure this out? And once you do that, you should enhance that one style each to time you go with it. 

2.  Wear the right underclothing

Women forget to take care of inner-wears, when they want to look good all they invest in are expensive branded garments and not the undergarments. You need to understand that you undergarments give you a proper shape and style, too.

3.  Always pick a good quality blazer

Most importantly, you should always have a blazer and even more important is pick a quality piece.

4. Not necessarily what is more expensive is the best

Let not the marketing fool you. We tend to think the costlier the garment is the better it is. You can easily pick trendy clothing for cheap, too. It’s all a matter of style and trend. Read more: Marketing

5. Know your body shape

It is very important to know your body shape. You should always shop according to your size. No matter how big or small you are. Fit in the dressing that is meant for you.

6. Re-fresh your wardrobe

When you always have a wardrobe full of clothes and find nothing worth wearing, is a situation that comes when you don’t refresh your wardrobe. So get rid of a thing that you haven’t worn in a year. If you haven’t worn it in last year you never will, so just be strong.

7. Have a role model to get inspired

Choose clothing that you role model (fashion figure) wears. Draw inspiration, this will help in choosing style and clothing. Make sure not to imitate, though.

8. Know the brands

There are some brands that always have great trendy clothing such as The Row, Chanel, and Zara. So keep updating your knowledge and shop blindly at these stores.