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7 Personalized Bridal Mehandi Designs

How does one feel about mehandi? I do know it’s tons of inconvenience because for a really while, you can’t use your hands. So I can only imagine how tough it’s when it involves bridal mehandi designs. Whether you decide for Arabic mehandi designs or traditional Indian style, one thing is for certain – it’ll take a while! You’ll need assistance for everything – for eating, using the washroom and even moving a strand of hair far away from your face – which I feel tons of brides secretly enjoy! Which is why, in spite of all that inconvenience, no bride will ever hand over on the tradition of applying mehandi on her hands. Take your mehandi game up a notch by personalising it! Here are some ideas!

  • Wedding Hashtag

All my friends who got married or are becoming married soon, have their wedding hashtags for Instagram. This helps streamline all the photos and videos in one place! The hashtag, which is essentially a mix of your names signifies the very fact that you simply both are getting to become one. How about personalising your simple mehandi design by adding your wedding hashtag to it? It’s unique, romantic and can bring gorgeous pictures!

  • Your Romance

I love stories. Have you ever asked your friend about how she met her soulmate and seen her eyes just illuminate as she relives those moments? That’s the thing about these tales. You remember the details, even after years. You remember where you met, the garments you wore and the way you felt. Capture the sweetness of your romance in your mehandi design. You’ll little symbols from your first date, say coffee mugs or a glass. How about including you’re the primary movie you watched together? Or how he proposed to you? This may be one among the foremost meaningful personalised mehandi designs ever!

  • Important Dates & Birthdates

I am someone who passionately remembers dates. It’s sort of a registry in my head and that i can tell you once I had my first kiss with bae, when he asked me out…except I won’t and nobody’s really curious about knowing. Anyhow, introduce your special dates in your mehandi design and let people guess what they really mean. And for the groom’s sake, I hope he remembers!

4) Zodiac Signs

If you think in astrology and feel your zodiac signs affect your personality, here’s a mehandi personalisation for you! How about adding your zodiac signs, especially if astrology agrees together with your compatibility? Make some extent about your chemistry by this easy mehandi design!

5) Initials, Portraits&Hobbies

Brides are writing their husband’s initials on their hands since ages. Actually, you’ll add a touch caricature of bae and you to travel with it. Does he like salads while you devour cheesecake like it’s your last? Adding these elements can show the contrast in your hobbies. They assert opposites attract!

6) Wedding Rituals

Another trending bridal mehandi design is creating the pictures of wedding rituals on your hands. As an example, varmala ceremony is drawn in your palms, or the image of your future husband filling sindoor on your forehead would be a surreal moment to urge etched on your hands. Moreover, these little drawings can provides a distinct look to your bridal mehandi.

7) Quotes and Hashtags

Deepika Padukone had the marriage shloka embroidered on her saree border. Hence, began the trend of using quotes as adornments. You’ll get your favourite quote applied with henna. Moreover, it’s quaint to urge the name of your love written in mehandi. The newest trend is to place your hashtags on your bridal mehandi designs of 2019.