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6 Tips for Planning Your Family Trip

Traveling is all good, but in a group is even better! It’s a great way to get closer to other people, everyone comes out closer together after having an adventure together. And if it’s even better family! But it is important to take certain precautions to avoid boring situations. So, check out 10 tips for planning the family trip.

Plan ahead

It may be difficult, but it is worth packing two days in advance and having everything (reservations, tickets) checked and acknowledged the day before. So you leave home entirely in a good mood and without stress, without last-minute scares.

The more you work the “before” trip, the more you can enjoy the “during” trip. Buy bus tickets in advance, ensuring the most convenient times, the best prices and easy chairs. These decisions can also be made from a specific date: once you have purchased a concert ticket or made reservations at a holiday inn, for example, it is much easier to find out what dates and times to travel.

Think about activities for everyone

Once the destination is set, make the script so that it includes at least one activity that everyone would really like to do.

One might enjoy visiting museums; someone else wants to try a different sport; there is always someone who wants to visit the most traditional sights and take pictures; Still others like to spend their free time lying on the net. It is important that each person has “their” moment in the family trip.

Prepare for emergencies

Bring in your carry-on toilet paper, cookies, toothbrush and toothpaste, cash and other essentials (baby bottle, medicine, etc.). 

There is nothing worse than driving for hours looking for a place and not finding it. The GPS will tell you which direction to take and which paths to avoid in case of heavy traffic.

If you are going to go outdoors, you can get the GoFindMe GPS tracker from AIBLUE. It allows you to send messages and accurate location coordinates to other GoFindMe users. If you encounter an emergency, you can send SOS signals to others without cell service. The battery lasts as long as 72 hours, and the tracking range can reach up to 5 kilometers. What’s more, there’s no monthly fee for this tracking device.

If you travel by car, GoFindMe can also be used as a car GPS tracker

Investigate Where You Will Stay

Over the phone, ask lots of questions about the hotel or hostel and spaces for the kids. Ask about pool fence or protection, presence of monitors to play with children, if it is safe to walk at night and so on. This avoids accidents and other problems.

Involve everyone

Experience shows that we are happier with what is the result of our effort and involvement. Therefore, planning the family trip begins by involving everything.

Where would you like to go? Prefer a hot or cold place? What would you like to do? Listening to everyone may expose some disagreements, but it’s the best way to negotiate. 

Share the Load

Taking care of everything is stressful and can make you forget something. Therefore, distribute responsibilities among the family. Your map-keen child can take responsibility for taking them, check out the city on Google Street View, and measure distances between bus, hotel, and landmarks.

A more methodical and responsible person can handle documents, tickets, tickets and so on. Who likes or has skill with photos becomes the official photographer of the trip. Finally, take advantage of each other’s skills to plan your family trip more easily.

Wrap up

Every trip is unforeseen and with more people they will be family size! But good preparation will help you get around any annoyance.