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6 reasons why businesses should consider database cloud computing

Cloud computing has become popular over the years because of the many benefits that it provides to businesses. The major drive for most businesses is to reduce operational expenses and IT technologies have fueled a modern breed of technologies known as cloud computing database. Discussed below are main reasons why you should move your database to the cloud.

Data security

Data security can be a challenge for most businesses. If the sensitive information of a company is stored in a computer or any other hardware and it gets lost or stolen, then it becomes a huge liability for the company. You may also lose valuable information if the hardware crashes. By storing your database or information on the cloud, you can change passwords and protect your information from access by strangers. With cloud computing, you do not rely on hardware that can be unreliable and challenging to implement.


Cloud computing lowers the costs of technology is two ways. It will significantly reduce the need for having IT staff and experts. In addition, it uses efficiencies gained through multi tenant cloud environments, which eliminates the need to purchase software licenses and hardware equipment. Most cloud databases involve month to month services and have no long-term contracts. This allows businesses to apply these technologies when necessary and drops them when no longer needed.


Cloud-based database services are perfect for businesses that have to fluctuate or growing bandwidth demands. When your database needs an increase, it will be easy to increase your capacity in the cloud. In addition, you can scale down whenever necessary. The flexibility will depend on the services you want. With this level of nimbleness, businesses that use cloud computing databases will have a real gain over their competitors. You can maximize your flexibility by getting the best remote DBA expert services

Disaster recovery

Irrespective of the size, all businesses should be making investments in steady disaster recovery. However, this can be a challenge for most small businesses because of lack of expertise and cash. Cloud computing helps more organizations to avoid this trend. This is because all businesses can use cloud computing for backup as well as recovery solutions for their databases. This helps to save time and helps businesses avoid upfront investments for recovering data by third-party companies.

Collaborative access

With cloud-based database solutions, businesses can easily and comfortably collaborate with each other. When information and data are stored online, different colleagues can access the information at the same time. This is crucial for companies and project management, especially when working from different remote locations away from each other.

No software

The beauty of having your databases on the cloud is that no software is required. This means you can maintain your online database with ease instead of constantly upgrading and updating your software. Furthermore, your virtual cloud-based database can be easily accessed by unlimited devices. This is unlike software that limits you to installing programs on a specified number of devices before you purchase additional licenses.

With cloud computing databases, gathering of information and storing is not limited to customary web forms. You can also collect information from tables and emails. You are also able to set up automated emails to respond to the emails received. This helps businesses to increase the number of ways that information can be collected and even stored. In addition, it makes it easy to obtain the database information.

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