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5 Ways Technology Has Revolutionised The Events Industry

The advent of technology has influenced the entire world. Every industry is adopting various technological aspects to sustain health in the competitive and changing market. Gone are those days where people had to do each work manually. Technology has replaced the manual efforts and the event industry is upgrading itself with it to the core.

Here is how technology has revolutionised the event industry:

1. Augmented Reality:

Technology has given birth to the projection mapping that can transform any structure into an interactive display in 3D mode.

Now, the event planners can smoothly alter any place with new elements of customised designs as per the clients’ demand.

Optical illusions are generated that is affordable and effective. Projection mapping has no limit and anyone can spread his or her imagination to the next level through the interactive display of arts.

Any event can have an augmented reality.

2. Use Of Applications:

We are living in an era where applications have booked an essential part of our regular schedule. The event industry is extensively making use of apps for interacting with the customers and visitors from their phone.

Applications can be modified according to the need of the specific event. The attendees can be engaged starting from pre-event to post-event.

Various activities can be done through applications like booking of tickets, surveying people, polling, agenda making, etcetera.

3. Use Of Location Sensing Gadgets:

Since several years, usage of Bluetooth has been in the limelight. With the upgrading of technology, more people have started enjoying the benefits of iBeacon, Bluetooth, etc.

These location-sensing machines help in sending announcement like a welcome message, important notifications, advertisements, location alerts and more to the attendees.

Also, the event professionals can obtain data insights and knowledge about the location of the attendees, their feedback, and etcetera.

4. Broad Use Of Social Media:

Social media has influenced everyone irrespective of age, gender and place. Now, we are a part of at least one social media site where we can exchange information with others online.

Technology has enabled live online events that are hosted in real time. In the event industry, Facebook is playing a big role.

Many marketing promotions are done through it and a wide number of audience can be reached. Also, interactive posts have allowed all the event attendees to communicate actively.

The increased use of Snapchat, Instagram, Vine and more helps in highlighting the most important aspect of the event.

5. Technology That Can Be Worn:

It is becoming an everyday scene where we can view some educated people wearing certain gadgets that help them in various ways.

As, in the event industry, apple watch can be used customised to the specific events concerning the development of watch applications. The users of the watch can avail any electronic updates.

Technology has brought havoc evolution as the incorporation of smart glasses in the events has enabled the event handlers to take images, track the visitors, get hold of essential data, and more.

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