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5 Traffic-Generating Offline Strategies for Events

Events are always a wonderful way to market your business, reach to the target audience and achieve brand building goals. A well-planned event can help your business succeed by spreading your brand ideas and messages to the right audience. However, an event becomes successful when only it gets visitors and helps brands establish face-to-face communications with more people. Naturally, event needs traffic (visitors) and interest of people to achieve their intended purpose and thus, you first need to find right strategies for that. There are quite a lot offline ideas you can leverage to generate awareness and interest about your event and get the desired level of traffic easily.

Here are some traffic-generating offline strategies for events –

1. Use physical mail for sending invites

Quite like emails, you can think of sending physical mail through postal or courier service to potential customers to inform them about the event. You can get printed a flayer or invitation and mail it physically to the target audience and make them feel privileged. By printing your promotional material, you ensure a more personal touch a more tactile appeal to the invitation.

More so, the use of physical post for sending invites will be more effective for local events. You can also drop flyers through letterboxes to give more personal feel to the event invite. You can also place the flyer or invite inside an envelope to make people feel wanted for the event in true sense.

2. Leverage networking to expand contact list

Networking is key to achieve success with a local event. It helps you meet new prospects, converse with new people and expand the contact list. Most brand these days use social channels for networking purpose and the results are always amazing. Doing networking through offline way may not be greatly productive but it has own charms and benefits.

When you contact people in person, it helps give a good insight into their interests, tastes and preferences which is otherwise not possible online. With in-person networking, you can offer to collaborate with brands and show them your intent and gauge them genuine interest in reality. A personal touch can always create the difference and convince others to collaborate with you.

3. Benefit from giveaways

People just love freebies. You give them free giveaways and chances are, they will attend the event. When you give gifts or anything to people, it creates value for them, and the feeling of reciprocation can bring them to the event. You can use raffles to own advantage and boost the number of visitors to your event in a cost-effective manner for sure.

Look, there has to be some bonus or incentive for attending your event and you needn’t look to reward every attendee. Giving discounts or giving people a chance to win something for free can also help boost traffic to your event.

4. Place Ads in local print publications

Placing ads in local print publications is quite a rewarding way to increase visitors to your event. The print has a reliable readership demographics and you can this choose a right local publication to advertise. You can easily reach to the audience, convey information about the event and hope to have a decent crowd at the event for sure.

You should know that getting ads in local publication is not that costly and plus, it comes with the flexibility to tailor the advert to own budget. Depending on the budget at hand, you can book from a small spot to full-page space for your ads.

5. Promotional Items

The use of promotional products is very effective in building brand and making customers responsive to your call of action. You should however invest in items that add value to customers in one way or other. You can select from a range of item including pen, cap, hat, pen drive, mug, carry bag, drink bottle etc. to add value to the target audience.

The use of promotional items should be done with the focus that people will keep them for longer and see it as a cherished item. Similarly, you can host event, invite people, give freebies, and order conference furniture hire to give people a good feel about their presence.

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