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5 Signs that You Have Protein Deficiency

There is no denying the fact that protein is known to benefit the entire performance of your body and most people find it extremely difficult to understand that. It does not matter if you are an athlete or you are trying your best to lose weight, protein is crucial for your body. Protein is considered to be your building block and it helps your muscles to remain fit and active. It is an important fuel, which is responsible for supporting the body when it is trying to build cells and healthy tissues. According to, humans get 10% to 35% of the daily calories from proteins.

However, most people have protein deficiency and they are not aware of it. Given below is a list of the signs that you should be following in order to understand if you are protein deficient.

High levels of cholesterol

High cholesterol and triglycerides are not caused only when you eat fatty foods. You have to understand that they can also be caused due to the increased inflammation, a high sugar diet, or an imbalance of the hormones. If you are thinking of replacing the protein foods with refined carbs or sugary snacks, the cholesterol level can start rising. Studies have also revealed that less intake of protein can also lead to heart diseases.

You are moody and anxious

You need to know that the neurotransmitters within your body are responsible for controlling your mood. The building blocks of the neurotransmitters are the amino acids. Proteins are responsible for helping the brain to synthesize the hormones, which include serotonin and dopamine. These hormones can help in arousing positive feelings, which include positivity, excitement, and calmness.

The exercise routine is suffering

Most people are aware that excess protein is required in order to build muscle mass. The protein bodies are also significant in order to sustain the energy of an individual and motivate him. If you are consuming a diet that does not have enough proteins, it can lead to muscle wasting, which is also known as muscle atrophy. In fact, you are going to feel tired throughout the entire day and gain more fat. This is going to indirectly hamper your body even when you are exercising.

You are not sleeping properly

Insomnia or a low quality sleep is often linked to the unstable levels of blood sugar, a decrease in the production of serotonin, and a rise in the level of cortisol. If you consume enough proteins, the effect on the glucose level of the blood is minimal. This ensures that you are having a proper sleep during the night.

Having brain fog

Protein is required for supporting numerous aspects associated with healthy and proper neurological functioning. Poor concentration, brain fog, trouble to understand new information, is considered to be a sign that you have to concentrate on consuming more proteins. A proper protein diet can help in boosting the performance as well as motor skills.


You need to take care of the total amount of proteins that you are consuming on a regular basis. If you go through all the signs that have been mentioned above, it is crucial that you take care of your protein intake.

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