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5 Major Mistakes to Avoid During Banner Printing

Among various methods of promoting and advertising your business, the most commonly used method is advertising banners. Banner printing is an affordable way to showcase your products and services. Various forms of banner advertising are used for various purposes.

However, there are some major mistakes that you should be aware of and avoid while designing your banner regardless of whether it is an outdoor or indoor banner.

In this article, we will discuss the 5 major mistakes that should be avoided while banner printing.

Banner Location and Size

The location where your banner will be placed plays an important role in defining its size and look. Before printing your banner, always consider the target audience whom you are planning to attract, i.e. whether the banner will be viewed by pedestrians or motorists, or both. Remember that viewers may not have enough time to stop and read your banner. So, keep the contents of your banner optimized, use small catchy phrases instead of long sentences, including images, and avoid small size banners as people may not properly see them.


Most of the time, companies try to include all the good features and benefits of their product in their banner. This approach will only worth it if your audiences have enough time to stop and read your banner but unfortunately, this will not happen always. According to Forbes, too much white space, as well as too much use of images, affects the look of your banner. So it is important to maintain a proper balance between the both. If you want to stand out from your competitors, choose a bold or proactive image for your banner advertisements to make sure that people notice it.


Most of the time, advertising banners mainly focus on portraying the brand name and the brand logo for attracting people. But this approach is not suitable for generating new customers as they might not be already aware of your brand or your products. So, avoid displaying your brand name as the banner headline. People are mainly interested in your product so use the banner headline to display your actual product or services. Add the brand name and details further down in the text.


For an advertising banner, catchy images and proper headlines are not enough. You should also pay equal attention to the banner’s contents. Remember, there is neither time nor space for complex instructions or unnecessary descriptions. So, avoid them at the time of banner printing and use fonts that are catchy as well as easily readable. Point out only the relevant details and features about your products and services in your banner ads.

Contact Details

To attract more potential customers, another mistake that businesses commit is they include all relevant contact details in their banner advertisement. But as already said earlier, too much information will not be absorbed by the viewer. Choose only the most relevant contact details based on your business like phone, email, social media, and address, to include in your banners. The best approach will be to highlight your company website details, as people can get information about your company, its products along with other potential contact details from there.


These are the 5 major mistakes that should be avoided during banner printing. If you want your banner to grab the audience’s attention and bring more potential buyers to your company, then make sure that your banner uses eye-catchy images and display only the relevant information.