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5 AdWords Management Tactics Every Business Can Use

While PPC marketing using the AdWords platform is an excellent way to drive qualified leads, conversions and revenues, a poorly managed campaign can prove to be very expensive. Here are some AdWords management tips for optimizing campaigns, irrespective of the industry you’re operating in.

Create Effective Landing Pages

In Google AdWords management, it’s important to ensure that your landing page is relevant if you want to increase conversions. The ultimate goal of a PPC campaign is to make a sale, not obtain a click (for which you pay incidentally). When a searcher clicks on an ad, he or she should be taken to a purposeful landing page that has messaging aligning with ad copy and information that helps prospects understand the value of your product/service. You should also have a strong call-to-action button.

Build Negative Keywords List

In Google AdWords management, negative keywords have as much relevance as positive keywords. Negative keywords are the keywords you don’t want your ads to show up for, that trigger clicks and impressions but fail to deliver conversions. You should regularly update your negative keywords list by reviewing the search terms report. By excluding certain keywords from your campaigns and ad groups, you can save money on wasted clicks and channel limited ad spend towards more qualified searches.

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Adjust Keyword Match Types

Another AdWords management practice that applies to different industries is adjusting keyword match types over time. Each keyword match type – broad match, broad match modified, phrase match and exact match – addresses unique user intent and offers a trade-off between impressions and relevance. During the starting phases of a campaign, you might use Broad Modified match to obtain more impressions and also gather data. After a month or so, you can shift focus to Phrase or Exact Match to reach highly qualified traffic.

Fill In All Ad Fields with Relevant Content

White label Google AdWords experts are always on top of the latest AdWords updates such as Expanded Text Ads that released in July 2016. The new format provides additional space for relevant content and helps advertisers deliver a better user experience. To ensure your campaigns perform well in future, create new, optimized text ads by populating all available fields including Final URL, Headline 1, Headline 2, Path 1, Path 2 and Description with accurate and meaningful information.

Implement Relevant Ad Extensions

To give ads a significant performance boost and to make them more relevant, white label PPC experts strongly recommend using relevant ad extensions. Ad extensions are free-to-use, improve user experience by providing additional valuable information and impact ad rank. Significant ad extensions include site link extensions, call extensions, callout extensions, review extensions, location extensions and structured snippet extensions. Ad extensions should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure their relevance and accuracy – new ones should be added when suitable.

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