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4 Golden Rules for Women to Stay Stylish Every Day


There are endless fashion options available nowadays. Too many options are not always a good thing as they can overwhelm you. Endless options can tempt you to dedicate your shopping budget to clothes that you do not need. A women’s closet is full of a variety of colors, trends, textures, and patterns.

If you want to look good and stay stylish every day then you have to dress smartly. Instead of filling the wardrobe with all the new trends you need to focus on building a functional and cohesive wardrobe. Here are a few golden rules that can help you to look good and stay stylish.

Do Not Dress in More Than Three Colors:

When you are selecting an outfit, you need to decide about the colors. Mixing different colors helps in creating a unique and fashionable look. Even if you want to create a bright and colorful look, you should avoid mixing more than three colors.

The first tips for following the tri-colored rule is to not count white as a color. If there is one white clothing item in an outfit you should choose three more colors. But make sure that you do not ruin the aesthetics of the look with color choices. Choose the colors that go well together. Secondly, the busy prints also count as one color. The key to incorporating colors with busy prints is to use the colors that are already in the print. These two rules will allow you to use the three-color rule efficiently.

Prefer Timeless Pieces Over Trendy Ones:

The fashion trends are always changing and it is hard to not fall under the spell of new styles and designs. But trends change quickly. If your wardrobe is full of trendy clothes then next season you will end up with outdated clothes. There are timeless pieces that you can always wear. Outfits like a black or red dress, a suit or jeans are some that never go out of fashion. You should choose one trendy item for every season. If you womens jumpsuit pajamas are popular and you want them then you should buy it. It is important that you refrain from getting too excited by the latest trends and make smart decisions.

Shop at A Thrift Store:

If you want to keep the wardrobe up-to-date and stay within the budget then you should shop smart. You can always get the clothes you want at an affordable price at thrift stores. Shopping at thrift stores is time-consuming but it is worth it. You can always find great clothes in perfect condition.

A Wardrobe Rehab:

It is important that every clothing item you buy has a purpose. There is no point in spending money on something that you are not going to wear. While shopping makes sure that you buy an item that you can pair with at least three other clothing items. Going through a wardrobe rehab is the perfect way of knowing which clothes are worth investing. Taking a look at the wardrobe can help in defining the style and making better decisions about colors and trends.

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