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21 statistics about online reviews that every hotelier needs to know

21 statistics about online reviews that every hotelier needs to know


The hospitality industry is ruthlessly competitive and to survive in it, hoteliers need a very strong reputation. Thus for hoteliers to ensure that they have a solid reputation is by managing their property’s online reviews. There is a lot of importance of online reviews for hotels and hoteliers. Hence this piece has been put together to shed light on 21 statistics that can help your business is growing in three important ways. Let’s get started!

Getting guests to notice you

A lot of people make their travel plans on the internet. Their eventual decision is influenced in a lot of ways by the reviews they read online. Therefore, if your hotel has a weak or negative online presence, then potential customers will overlook you in favour of hotels with more reviews. You can encourage reviews from your clients in a lot of different ways. You can also do so by claiming your profiles on review sites. Further, in order to get reviews to make it very easy for guests to leave reviews. Here are some important online presence statistics that you should consider having a look at.

  1. Once you review stats, it appears that close to 70% of all American’s begin planning their trips with a search engine query,
  2. More than 80% of people read reviews before booking a hotel
  3. More than 50% of people will never book a hotel if it has zero reviews
  4. Over 95% of people believe reading reviews is a very crucial part of researching hotels
  5. Close to 80% of people read up to a dozen reviews before making a final booking decision.
  6. A majority of people favour online reviews over personal recommendations.

Gaining the trust of your consumers

The following set of statistics will reveal just how important social proof is in convincing consumers to make a booking decision. If you respond politely to reviewers, you come across as someone who is dedicated to providing its customers with the best possible experience. Further, if you have high star ratings, you will be trusted more by the people.

  1. When having to make a decision between two similar properties, more than 75% of consumers would prefer a hotel with a higher rating.
  2. Over 70% time, customers value guest ratings over the brand of the hotel.
  3. Over 85% of people don’t even consider a hotel if it has a rating of fewer than three stars.
  4. Close to 30% of people, don’t make a reservation if the hotel in question has a rating of less than four.
  5. Close to 80% of people believe that hotels which respond to guest reviews care more about their customers.
  6. Close to 85% of people believe that a hotel’s response to an online review improves their perception of it.
  7. Hoteliers who respond to online reviews garner 12% more reviews.

Here’s how you can earn more from each booking

The next set of statistics reveal the relationship between your reputation and your earning capacity. Consumers are willing to pay for a quality hotel experience. The amount that they are willing to pay is directly proportional to the rating the hotel has or the reputation it enjoys. Thus, it is imperative on your part that potential guests discover more positive online reviews about your business. You can do so by adding a link to your reviews on your website. Another way of doing so is by sharing customer feedback on social media channels. If and when you do so, people searching for your hotel will easily be able to find a lot of positive word-of-mouth about your property.

  1. Guests are ready to pay 24% more for a hotel which has a rating close to 3.9
  2. Guests are likely to pay more for a hotel which has a rating of 4.4 over one that has a rating under 4.
  3. If a hotel boasts it’s online Trivago rating from “mediocre” to “okay”, its CTR can increase up to 4%.
  4. If a mid-scale hotel can bump its online reputation by 1 percentage point, its revenue available per room will increase by 1.42%
  5. Hotels with review scores that go up one point can raise their room rates by 11%
  6. Over 75% of all consumers are ready to pay more for a hotel which has higher review scores.
  7. 3 years ago in 2017, TripAdvisor’s reviews guided over $540 billion in travel spending.
  8. Close to 90% of hospitality business owners think online reviews are among three of the most important factors which could affect the future of their industry.

The Bottom Line

Once you have a look at the 21 stats review you will understand the importance of a solid online reputation for hotels. These stats also tell why online reviews are important and why it is important for hoteliers to manage such reviews. The aforementioned statistics show why it is important for hotel owners to manage their reputation. If you are a hotelier and need help managing your reputation you can hire brand reputation management services of an online reputation management agency.