How to Simultaneously Embrace Technology & Live an Eco-Friendly Life


The seemingly complete takeover of modern technology in the lives of virtually everyone in the Western world is happening. Whether you personally approve or not, just because machines have been integrated so seamlessly into your own life, you do not have to give up your sustainable thinking.

With this in mind, here is how to simultaneously embrace technology and live an eco-friendly life at the same time.


Unplug All Devices After Use


Even when your television is on standby, and your laptop screen is closed, you are still consuming power if your devices are left plugged in when not in use.

As well as lowering your household’s energy usage, you are also protecting yourself and the other residents of your home by eliminating the risk of electrical fires at the socket, so when you unplug your devices, everybody wins.


Buy Second-Hand


The footprint trail left by manufacturing and distributing technological products and machinery contributes hugely to air pollution, greenhouse gases and climate change, so you should consider buying your next laptop or tablet second-hand.

Second-hand electronics serve to preserve the natural environment, offer support for the circular economy, reduce the huge amount of waste products from technology and of course, will save you considerable amounts of money than if you chose to buy new.

In addition, be sure to invest in technology in and around your local area, as bulk shipments of heavy and large machinery put an extra strain on the environment.


Try Natural Supplements


As well as being conscientious with your technology usage, you could also turn your attention to leading an eco-friendlier life in general, by turning to natural supplements when it is safe to do so, though you shouldn’t discard medical advice, and always check before taking any supplements or herbal remedies because they could interact with any medications you’re on.

CBD is a great newer supplement that is becoming more popular. Derived from cannabis, it does not contain THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient that gives the ‘high’, that cannabis is known for, but it is still said to have calming effects. CBD Guru is a great example of a UK supplier of CBD products that, although not scientifically proven to be the case, are anecdotally reported by individuals to reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress, as well as other symptoms, varying from person to person.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Other ways to reduce your personal carbon footprint include, amongst a host of others, the following:

·         Switch to a renewable energy supplier for your household

·         Reduce your weekly water usage

·         Consume more plant-based products

·         Use public transport more often

·         Recycle and reuse


Only Use Eco-Friendly Tech Accessories


Phone chargers, headphones, keyboards and memory banks are all accessories that use additional power, so make sure you are mindful of the amount you use them and leave them plugged in when necessary.

Finally, when you are purchasing a new technology item, make sure that you check the guaranteed battery life of every device. If you can, purchase the product from an eco-friendly supplier that prioritises sustainable technology, and recycle any old tech you no longer need.