Treat Yourself to the Ultimate Staycation this Summer


Though restrictions are lifting, it still isn’t the best or easiest time to travel – at least internationally. That doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy a great vacation right at home. This can be at home or it can be a place rented nearby. Regardless of what your plan is, you need to be careful about how you spend your vacation. If you don’t put enough effort into making it feel different from your regular routine, you run the risk of not properly resting during your time off.  

You need a break and you can get it at home with a staycation. The best option is of course to enjoy a change of scenery, but if you would rather put your money towards activities and experiences than rent for two properties, then use this guide.


Treat Yourself to Fun Wellness Trends


Wellness refers to everything from healthy eating to spa experiences. It is what makes you feel good and what makes you feel good could be an activity, a product or a supplement. On your staycation you deserve to feel great and there is no better time than now to try out different wellness trends. From the best supplement CBD gummies UK offers, to a massage or thermal bath, the options are limitless.


Treat yourself in big and small ways, and you can bring the benefits of your wellness journey with you long after your pick up your regular routine. While you can’t go on a spa retreat or always treat yourself to a massage, things like CBD supplements can be easily carried over if you find they are a good addition to your life.


Your staycation is the perfect time to treat yourself and try new things. If they’re easy to continue and integrate into your routine, all the better.


Eat Well (Very Well)

There are so many options to help you eat better while on your staycation, from treating yourself to delicious foods to ordering in. You can eat out at great restaurants, or even order meal kits to enjoy delicious nights in.


Go To Places That Have Always Been on Your List


It doesn’t matter how long you have lived in a place, somehow there is always a list of places that you will have wanted to go, but just never found the time. You could live in London and only be a tube or a bus away from these destinations and still not find time. You could live in a small hamlet and never get out to exploring the area around you. If this sounds like you, then now is the time to get out there.


Plan your staycation like you would any trip abroad. Pick out places to go, but don’t try to overload yourself. Go visit an estate and spend the whole day there, picnic there and just generally take your time.


Enjoy it With Great People

If you can, try to enjoy your staycation with others, particularly if you live with others or your partner. If you can all get the same time off, then you have a great holiday vibe already just because you can actually spend time with the people you love most.