Top Benefits of Getting Outside

Studies show that getting outside more helps boost the happy chemicals in the brain to fight off stress. However, there are tons of other benefits that nature has on the body and mind. If you don’t know what they are or would like to refresh your memory of them, check them out here:

Moving more


Exercising every day is recommended for adults and children, so being outside is the perfect reason to move more. You don’t need a gym or classes to improve your fitness levels, just head out and start walking to burn some calories.

Increases your vitamin D levels


Vitamin D is essential for a healthy body, and the sunlight is one of the best ways to get your daily intake. In summer, it’s easy to get your daily allowance, but winter might prove more challenging. Supplements can help boost the levels, and some of the best Vitamin D options are available at Abundance & Health.

Reduces anxiety


Being surrounded by nature is said to decrease anxiety levels. In addition, natural light improves serotonin, which also helps to improve energy and balances mood to help you stay focused and positive.

Get social


You don’t have to get outdoors more on your own, as it’s a great excuse to partner up or join friends in nature too. Bonding with others plays an essential part in positive mental wellbeing. So why not organise a walk in the park and stop off for coffee on your way home?

Improves immunity


While vitamin D from sunlight is great for the immune system, there are other benefits you can get from being outdoors too. For example, plants make compounds called phytoncides which are released into the air. These microscopic elements are inhaled by humans and are said to boost immune functions. 

Increases creativity


If you’re having dreaded writer’s block or can’t seem to solve a problem at work, take a break from the screen and step outside. Studies highlight that being in nature boosts your creativity and problem-solving skills as the quiet environment allows your mind to think clearly.

Improves sleep


Believe it or not, getting outdoors more, especially in the early morning sunlight, can help your sleep pattern. This is because the cells in your eyes need light to set the sleep pattern, which promotes better sleep at night. This is said to be even more important as you age, as the eyes are not able to absorb as much light, which can cause sleep issues.

Helps you focus


When you get into nature, it helps to bring your mind into focus. Studies suggest that it actually has more benefits than if you say walked around an urban area. The calmness and greenness of the space are said to help concentration and improve focus.

Helps you maintain a healthy weight


Getting outside and exercising isn’t just helpful for burning calories in a conventional way; it also has some interesting benefits depending on when you go outdoors. For example, being active in the morning, particularly before 8am and 12pm is said to be the best window. The light at this time helps balance your energy use and sleep cycles, which is also said to keep the fat off better.