Top 10 CCTV Camera Manufacturers In The United Kingdom


As an acknowledgement and appreciation of this revolution, we will be exploring the top 10 CCTV camera manufacturers in the UK, who have been influential in the growth and evolution of surveillance devices in the market.

Let’s get started.

1- VMukti Solutions:

A hub of innovation, Vmukti is one of the fastest growing CCTV camera manufacturers in the world. The company understands the uprising of Industrial Revolution 4.0 and works on developing solutions that are built for the enterprise. It offers cameras and surveillance solutions across market segments and has an impressive range of products that span across:

·         4K cameras

·         Edge AI cameras

·         Smart cloud cameras

·         ANPR cameras

·         Object detection cameras and more

·         4G Camera

·         Thermal Camera

Besides, the brand also offers end to end surveillance systems such as IMDs, media servers, smartphone applications, Cloud VAS/VMS and more.

2- Adiance:

Adiance offers ISO-certified surveillance solutions that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor implementations. Established in the year 2002, Adiance is quickly growing on to be one of the prominent CCTV camera manufacturers in the world. It rolls out cameras that are cloud-ready, 4G-ready, thermal-compatible and more. With over 3 R&D centers, Adiance continuously pushes the limits of innovation in the CCTV surveillance space.

Top 10 CCTV Camera Manufacturers In The UK

3- Axis:

Founded in the year 1984 in Sweden, Axis Communications was originally into the development of printer interfaces and protocol converters for tech giants like IBM. It was not until the year 1996 that the company rolled out its first ever security camera – the Axis 200 in the market.

The launch of the device was a culmination of its knowledge and expertise in the embedded systems and networks space. Since 1996, the brand has been consistently releasing newer and more advanced models in the market. It has a firm hold of the surveillance industry market in over 50 countries and has installations across key environments such as the City of Houston, Madrid buses, the Moscow Metro, Sydney Airport and more. According to rating, Axis is the most popular CCTV camera manufacturer in the US in 2020 with over 24% market share.

4- Hanwha Techwin:

Originally, the company was founded under Samsung and was called Samsung Techwin. Established in the year 1977, the brand started manufacturing surveillance cameras in the year 1979. Besides cameras, the business also manufactured technological products in the realm of automation, weapons and aeronautics.

The company was acquired by Hanwha and became one of its subsidiaries. In the space of surveillance devices, the brand manufactures CCTV cameras, optical instruments, DVRs, Presenters, semiconductor components and more.

5- Hikvision:

Hikvision is regarded as one of the leading and prominent CCTV camera manufacturers in the US. The arsenal of Hikvision includes HD analog cameras, smart IP cameras, DVRs, NVRs, speed domes, video management tools and software suites, alarm systems, encoders and more.

Experts share that Hikvision probably has the strongest R&D team in the CCTV cameras manufacturing space. With installations and implementations in key areas such as retail, banking, transportation, education, government, residential and more, Hikvision has a dynamic portfolio of vertical and horizontal market segments.

6- Digital Watchdog:

Digital Watchdog is an end-to-end video surveillance solutions provider in the US. With a market share of 4.3% market share, the brand is one of the leading CCTV camera manufacturers.

The company offers products such as IP cameras, recorders, network devices, software suites, mobile apps, cloud solutions and more.

CCTV Camera Manufacturers In The United Kingdom

7- Bosch:

There’s no formal introduction required for a company like Bosch. Established in the year 1920, it is perhaps one of the oldest CCTV camera manufacturers in the world. The company has close to 3,600 employees in its R&D division alone. Similar to Hikvision, the brand has installations across a wide range of sectors including industrial, public places, transportation hubs, commercial spaces, residential premises and more.

To give you an idea of Bosch’s security devices portfolio, here’s a quick list:

·         Fire alarm systems

·         CCTV camera and IP solutions

·         Access control devices

·         Paging systems

·         Conference modules

·         intrusion detection systems and more

8- Dahua:

With a market share of around 6.1% in the Us in 2020, Dahua is sixth on our list of CCTV camera manufacturers. The brand operates in over 180 countries and has more than 54 subsidiaries.

The company takes its R&D very seriously and in the year 2017 alone, it channeled close to $300mn in research and development. Its continuous involvement in solid R&D is also evident in its 2002 episode, where it became the first company in China to roll out an 8-channel embedded DVR.

Its range of products has been installed in the 2006 Rio Olympics, 2016 G20 Summit, across shopping malls and airlines and more. Dahua offers an extensive collection of advanced AI-powered cameras and IoT systems today.

9- Arecont:

Headquartered in Glendale, California, Arecont Vision was acquired by Costar – a prominent company known for its products in the video surveillance space. The brand offers a range of CCTV security camera product suites such as network recorders, megapixel cameras, cloud-based web services, VMS (Video Management Systems) and more.

As far as their security cameras are concerned, they are sophisticated with products featuring both single and multiple sensors and capabilities such as low-light functionalities, enhanced WDR, smart IR features and more.

10- Vivotek:

One of the more recent companies to be established in the surveillance sector, Vivotek was founded in the year 2000. Just over two decades old, the company offers an impressive range of surveillance products similar to others in the list. The brand is making rapid advancements in the IoT space, eyeing for more innovations and market share in the IoT-specific audio and video spectrum.