Steps to Becoming a Web Developer in 2022


Web development is a very lucrative career at a time when every business is looking to go online. The demand for web developers keeps increasing every year and some reports suggest the demand has outstripped the supply and that this gap will continue growing. While getting into web development is a challenging path to follow, it is also a good career option with longevity. In this article, we will give you an overview of the steps to take to become a web developer.

Start Learning

The three main ways of gaining the knowledge you need to become a web developer are completing a university degree, completing a bootcamp or becoming self-taught. Employers used to require university degrees, and some still do, but this requirement is no longer adhered to as strictly. However, having a degree does give you a massive competitive advantage.

Attending a bootcamp means signing up for someone to teach you in-person or online, which is becoming the more popular option. These bootcamps sometimes offer job placement services so you get interviews and potentially a job once you complete them.

Becoming a self-taught web developer is the most difficult path as you have to find the right learning resources and learn all by yourself. Fortunately, universities like Harvard and Oxford put out lots of content to allow you to follow along as if you were also taking a degree on campus.

You can also get your work graded, and a certificate awarded at the end of this process.

Choose a Path

There are lots of web development paths you can follow. Some choose to work with content management systems like WordPress, while some choose programming languages like Ruby and Python that have web development libraries.

JavaScript has also become very popular in recent years, with frameworks like React, Vue and Angular helping developers complete complex projects.

With JavaScript, Ruby and Python, you can choose to work on the frontend, backend or become a full stack developer.

Build a Portfolio

If you take a university degree or complete a bootcamp, you likely have a portfolio that has a few projects in it. For self-taught developers, you need to build your portfolio by yourself.

This will include building a few projects that you can host on various platforms that allow you to take these projects online. For complex projects, especially where you need to run servers, you will need a powerful desktop. There are lots of desktops for programming on sale by companies like Lenovo, and they offer a great starting point for new developers.

Market Yourself

While there is a lot of demand for web developers, nobody will know who you are unless you market yourself. There are lots of ways to do so.

Many people choose to write blogs and post on social media, some work on open-source projects or participate in hackathons while others contribute their knowledge on different forums.

This is a general overview of the steps to follow to become a web developer in 2022. There are a lot of nuances as everyone is different so their journey will be different but following these steps should get you to a point where you are hireable.