Effective Ways To Reduce Stress

In the busy and often downright hectic modern world, it can sometimes be difficult to take a moment to step outside from your copious responsibilities, arrangements and appointments to take stock and to recentre.

Stress is not just a physical symptom of having too much on your proverbial plate, but is an emotional issue too, and so, if you are someone who is currently feeling either physically or emotionally stressed (or both), then continue reading to learn some effective ways to help yourself.

Book A Massage

One of the most affordable, yet incredibly powerful ways to make a positive step towards reducing feelings of stress is to book a massage from a renowned and respected massage therapist in Cuffley.

In addition to reducing stress levels, there are a wide range of benefits to having one or more massage sessions, which include the following:

·         An improvement of healthy immune function

·         The lowering of blood pressure and heart rate

·         An increased and prolonged feeling of relaxation

·         An increase in energy and motivation levels

·         A reduction in muscle tension and soreness

·         Effective pain relief


Understandably, for some people the thought of exercise is certainly not one that fills them with joy and excitement. However, numerous studies have proven that engaging in a simple act of exercise, however strenuous and for whatever period of time, can be an incredibly effective way of reducing feelings of stress. Focus on non-competitive exercises, such as swimming at your local gymnasium or leisure centre, walking around your local park or working with weights to strengthen your body’s core muscles.

Quit Smoking And Change Your Diet

Most people who are still addicted to nicotine and who would describe themselves a full-time smoker are likely to defend cigarettes by saying that they use them as a stress-reliever. However, what smokers are entirely unaware of is that, in actual fact, the opposite is true and smoking – specifically the intake of the addictive drug nicotine – can place an incredible amount of stress on the body.

In addition, when looking for natural ways to reduce the levels of stress and worry you feel on a day-to-day basis, it is also strongly advisable to take an objective look at your regular diet. Many people, quite understandably, turn to unhealthy foods and alcohol as a way of coping with their busy and hectic lives, and in the moment, some comfort will be drawn from such a decision. However, in the long run, unhealthy foodstuffs and excessive alcohol consumption are likely to have the exact opposite effect. Interestingly, the same principle also applies to drinking coffee.

Find Time For Yourself

Human beings are naturally social creatures and spending too much time alone can have a serious and sometimes even fatal impact on one’s emotional health and wellbeing.

However, finding just fifteen minutes out of your busy day to take yourself away from the hustle and bustle and simply sit in a quiet place can bring your heart rate down and lower your blood pressure – both effective ways to reduce the physical impacts of stress on the body.