4 Ways to Use Screens in Your Home and Garden

There is more than one type of screen that can make a difference to your everyday lifestyle. Apart from the digital screens that most people are accustomed to interacting with each and every day, there are also decorative and practical screens that help to separate a space or offer some privacy. These standing pieces of furniture come in a wide variety of forms for different purposes and environments. For example, plain and practical screens such as those used to divide desks and workspaces within an office are at one end of the scale, whereas elaborate and beautiful screens that have been meticulously painted can be revered works of art. Here are four ways that you could incorporate a screen into your home or garden.


1. Providing More Privacy


Putting up a screen in your home is an excellent way to give yourself more privacy. You can position your screen near your wardrobe or bath to add an extra layer of defence against potential onlookers such as children or houseguests. You could also use a screen in your children's bedroom if they share a room and would appreciate the sensation of having their own space.


2. Dividing a Space


If your home has any large rooms or is at all open plan, a screen is a great way to give yourself the option of dividing the space without committing to a whole wall. If you have a living room adjoining your kitchen, for example, a screen can keep the spaces somewhat separate when you want them to be and can easily be moved to open the space up again. This can be surprisingly helpful in small homes such as studio flats to help keep the bedroom, living room, workspace and kitchen sections of your home more clearly defined.


3. Adding Decoration


Although screens serve a variety of practical purposes, they are also opportunities for the design-conscious to express their taste. For example, a Japanese style garden screen can add a touch of subtle class to any outdoor space. You can find elegant and decorative screens to enhance both your garden and your home interior.


4. Hiding Clutter


Despite the fact that almost everyone has at least some clutter in their home, it is still normal to feel as if you must keep it from view if you ever have guests come to your house. If you have an attractive and stylish screen, you can use it to block the view of parts of your home that you would rather keep hidden. For example, you could position a screen in front of your laundry area or a cluttered set of shelves to give your home a more organised and tidier atmosphere.


There are plenty of great ways to use a screen to add depth and interest to your home's d├ęcor, as well as providing a practical method of creating seclusion. If you haven't already used a screen, you may have not been fully aware of the benefits until now.