4 Ideas to Make the Most of a High Ceiling

High ceilings are a unique and popular aspect of a home and come with many benefits. They are often seen in older homes that were built pre-1940 and can be a desirable feature for some buyers and homeowners. If you have high ceilings in your home, you may be wondering what to do with all of the extra space, but there are plenty of interesting and smart d├ęcor ideas that will help you maintain the original charm of the home while putting your own unique twist on it.

1.   Lights

Higher ceilings can make a room feel larger and lighter, and the windows are often bigger too. This lets in a lot more natural light, but there are certain styles of lighting that work great with a high ceiling. One extravagant example is chandelier lighting, as there is more room to play with, and therefore larger lighting fixtures can fit into the room without obstructing anything or anyone. Larger rooms can have a tendency to look gloomy if they are not properly lit, especially when there is less natural light. Using fairy lights, table lamps, or standing lamps are great ways to make the room feel comfortable and cozy throughout the day, illuminating the corners and providing a glow.

2.   Colors

The color that you paint your walls and ceiling has a significant effect on how the room feels, not just in the sense of the atmosphere you create but also in the size. In general, lighter tones make a room feel larger, and high-ceilinged rooms are no exception. However, there is a lot more space to play with when you have high ceilings, and you don’t want to make the room feel cold and clinical. Adding in a feature wall that has a stronger pop of color can help give the room personality and marry everything together, especially if there is a clear color scheme in the room – this idea is explored more below.

3.   Warmth

One of the downsides of high ceilings is trying to heat the room, as warm air rises and therefore, a high ceiling means more heat is needed. However, a vertical radiator from www.warmrooms.co.uk can help combat this problem while also providing a unique wall feature that breaks up the wall. These radiators are vertical instead of the traditional horizontal ones, can heat the room faster, and they can also maximize wall and floor space.

4.   Walls

With high ceilings come high walls, giving you lots of room to play with color, design, storage, and additional features like mirrors. Many people choose to create a feature wall, which stands out from the rest of the room. It is recommended that you hang any art higher up the walls to make sure the room doesn’t feel unbalanced at the top. This also gives you much more space to display art or prints and create your own mini art gallery in your home! Tying in other elements of the home will help the rooms feel more coherent, whether this is through color, prints, or textures, and a feature wall is a great place to start.