The range of accessories that Tesla has for its electric cars is quite wide, but it lacked at least one adapter for those who have a product with the owner of the North American company to use CCS-type charging adapters. Well, this is something that has changed today.


The fact is that the firm led by Elon Musk has officially announced the arrival on the market of an adapter that allows CCS to charge the models of its electric cars with its proprietary connector, which is used by a good number of its vehicles (especially the oldest ) and that in many countries they are completely necessary if they decide to travel to Europe, for example. Therefore, it responds to the demands that existed by a good number of users.


More and more chargers are compatible with CCS

This is so since the manufacturer said to put the Model 3 on sale in Europe at the same time that the Supercharger V3 chargers were the ones that were deployed both in the Old Contingent and in many other regions in which Tesla has a presence. Therefore, it seems quite clear that the decision of this to make the leap to this type of adapter is final. And, for this reason, it is logical that little by little converters appear that allow us to use those that some old product of the company has.


By the way, the product in question is very simple , so its use is very comfortable, since you simply have to connect each of the ends to the corresponding connections (in the image after this paragraph it is very clear that there is no complication some). In addition, the communication has indicated the time when this product will go on sale: first half of 2021 , although a list has not been published with the countries in which it will go on sale.


A good decision from Tesla

It is true that the North American firm already has some options available, such as its own that converts CCS to type 2 (which is the one used massively in Europe. But, to date, its own one that would do the same with its proprietary adapter. And, this is just what has changed today. Without a doubt, those who bought a car in the US or in markets such as South Korea, for example, appreciate the decision made by Tesla to offer a urinal accessory that avoids having any problem in the loading processes.


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