Get to know the world behind the screen!


You will find Gen Z always with their screen on. With the rise in social media, youtube, tiktok, video games and many other websites, this generation has created a small world of their own. But as far as we know, this community is rising, and they are coming to the other side of the world, behind the screen.

During this time, with social distance and mental stress, Gen Z found a way to keep themselves busy and distracted from the outside world of chaos. They have gotten into the world of social media and gaming, where they virtually interact with friends and strangers. This has helped them to build a community and endure friendship.


During this lockdown, millions of people increased their screen time. Family time was now a virtual video call, Netflix party, zoom calls, watching films together or playing games. The most played games in India were Ludo and House Party. They brought the entire family a much-needed virtual get-together and friends to interact with and socialise. However, the game industry saw a rise during this pandemic. People found a way to invest their time outside the hustle and bustle of life; they found a way to isolate themselves without distancing themselves from friends and family. This concept of socialising was not new for the gamers; their enthusiasm, dedication and love for games and tech built a strong network, connectivity and friendship.


This gaming culture brings creativity, analytical thinking, the ability to achieve goals, improve concentration, and improve communication skills. Some studies have also shown that interacting with people from different parts of the world also brings an understanding of cross cultures and give the kids a new perspective. It also nurtures the relationship between parents and kids. It is also beneficial for the disabled; they can enjoy games and interact with people around the globe.


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