10 Ideas for coworkings and events in a shared workspace


Coworking events are the key to building a community . They can help build relationships between current members through increased shared workplace satisfaction, recruit prospective members, and even benefit the local community. But it always takes a constant stream of event ideas to keep the community engaged.


Below is a list of coworking and event ideas that you should use to strategically strengthen the sense of community in your co-working space in Finsbury park.


Event ideas for coworkings

#1 Happy Hour :

A favorite of all. Help members close out their business day with a beer or glass of wine. Schedule a happy hour on fixed days (for example every Friday) and start around 4pm so that members are more attentive and find the time to attend.


#2 Eating and Learning:

During a meal, host a brainstorming session or a social meal. Another approach is to bring in outside experts to advise coworking members on topics of interest to them, whether it's scheduling, accounting, or work-life balance. Let members guide meal topics to ensure their interest.


#3 Networking Events:

The most effective networking event ideas put the organizer in charge of making connections. Instead of having a room full of people hoping to find someone who can help them grow personally or professionally, screen attendees to ensure everyone meets someone of interest to them.


#4 Create moments of pause:

The design of modern offices must include rest areas and fun areas. Provide classic board games in common spaces to encourage member interaction or simply offer coffee. Space permitting, ping pong or foosball tournaments always draw a crowd.


#5 Day Trips :

A change of scenery may be just what your tenants need. Organize group activities for team building and shared experiences. It can be a day at the beach -literally-, in the country, seeing a show or doing confidence exercises. Plan a variety of activities to engage different members throughout the calendar.


#6 Bringing the Family Day :

 Employees are happy when their families are happy. So have an occasional networking event that encourages users to bring their family. It will be conducive to casual conversation, and nothing breaks down barriers like children.


#7 …and the pet:

If due to the demographics of the space or there are no days off, encourage coworking members to bring their pet. Just take care of the noise and make users aware of these issues.


#8 Guest Speakers:

Host a keynote or presentation by an industry thought leader, either in-house or through a Ted-X talk . Not only will it be a great opportunity to network, but everyone will walk away with a new perspective and much-needed motivation.


#9 Bike Day:

Try organizing a group of cyclists to ride to work together that day, or any day you choose to start. Then try to keep it up for the rest of the year.


#10 Book Club:

Are your tenants in a literary mood? Perhaps some of your co-workers are also fond of reading. Form a group, choose a book and serve a wine... it can be the recipe for a great evening.