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10 reasons why you should drink alkaline water

Under normal circumstances, the body’s pH levels naturally perform slightly alkaline. Most of the bodies of Americans are too acidic because of our poor diet full of acid producing processed foods too. For this reason, Many health professionals suggest that we drink alkaline water.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider drinking alkaline water to change their levels of pH:

  1. alkaline water provides a means to help the body to restore natural alkaline pH.
    Helps maintain the pH balance of your body that helps keep the body optimal working conditions. ionized water reduces many symptoms of aging and increases energy.
  2. Too much acid IPAs disease. Alkaline pH levels to help fight the disease, while drinking alkaline water helps you stay healthy. As a natural antacid, alkaline water can reduce acid reflux and to neutralize the acidity in the body to prevent disease and certain chronic diseases.
  3. Drinking alkaline water helps you lose weight. micro-structured water is easier for the body to metabolize and help with weight loss.
  4. Alkaline water is rich in antioxidants! free radicals from water micro-structured with powerful antioxidant properties. Medical studies show that alkaline ionic water has powerful antioxidant – even better than vitamins A, C, E, beta-carotene, and selenium.

regular tap and bottled water have a positive ORP – molecules that oxidize and our tissues and accelerate aging. Alkaline water has an ORP negative effect – we need antioxidant molecules.

  1. alkaline ionized water is the water in vivo. An ionizer filter over the structure of water changes ionized state, which makes it easier for the body’s cells to absorb. The living water is natural water with hexagonal, snowflake as the geometrical structure hexagonal crystals.

The living water is in the healing springs around the world, and that this geometrical structure is what gives the water its healing properties.

Filtered, distilled, bottled spring water tap and no crystal structure. There is no electric charge, they are dead, so they are not as easily absorbed by cells.

  1. You are effectively re-hydrate your body with ionized water. His body will be up to six times more hydrated with alkaline water as drinking water when they are dead. The humidity helps the body to function better and increase your energy level.
  2. alkaline water is anti-aging and helps your skin. hydration effectively help your skin look healthier and easier to detox the body. There are many anti-aging in alkaline water, such as antioxidants, oxygen, minerals alkaline, and the structure of the water itself.
  3. You flood your body with oxygen when you drink alkaline water! green juice and alkaline water are better ways to do it. alkaline water has extra oxygen – an oxygen atom each of hydrogen (OH), while water usually has two hydrogen atoms (H2O) – More hydrogen more acidic.
  4. alkaline ionized water is best for cooking and food preparation. It makes coffee and tea in a better health and better taste. Vegetables simmered in this preserve its natural texture and color, and rice and oats are soft to boil it. You also get a better absorption of nutrients that you eat nutritious foods when prepared with it.
  5. Many alkaline water drinkers said they had a clarity of mind and energy, because of the extra oxygen ionized water.


Drinking pure water is alkaline an excuse to continue eating healthily or avoid medical attention, but it is an important step to take welfare. micro-structured water supporting the body’s ability to heal itself and maintain an alkaline pH in the body.

water alkalinized you can not bottle, and quickly losing the negative charge over several days. Therefore, it is important to buy a house Alkaline ionizing machine.

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