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Top rating android app for music

There are plenty of mobile music app available on the market, but it seems very difficult to find which will suit your requirements. Every music app has its own features, some are paid while others just require to sign up for any social account and for choosing the right one people to go for reviews and suggestions. So, today we came with some of the top-ranked Mobile music app for the music lovers. The special features which one provide are as below:

  1. Spotify Music:

Spotify is music app by which you can get access millions of songs, podcasts, and videos from any artist, genre, album etc. Accessing to Spotify is very easy as compared to other music apps that’s why Spotify is most appealing app.  To connect to Spotify all you need to do is to sign up by email address or simply by your facebook account.  Signing up by Facebook is more beneficial than signing up by email address because with facebook you can also connect with your friends and you can know what your friends are listening to, what are the new music albums arrivals, and also we can share our music choices with them.

  1. Pandora Music:

Pandora Music app is a widely used music app or simply an online radio. Pandora has different versions with every modified version having its own better features. With Pandora, you can customize your playlist regularly with your mood and choice. Pandora plays music which has same traits. The user can also give positive and negative feedback and whenever you give a negative feedback for a particular song, that song will not be shown on your playlist. You can access Pandora by the browser or by downloading application software on your devices such as a Personal Computer or Mobile Phone.

Pandora one apk helps you to maintain your music library and update it regularly with new music tastes, new arrivals of songs. With Pandora one apk you can simply create your radio PlayStation very easily. Pandora has many latest an updates versions like Pandora Plus, Pandora Premiumetc, which have features like unlimited skip and replays, Ad-free, download music and play it free, higher quality of music etc.

  1. SoundCLoud- Music and Audio:

SoundCloud is also one of the largest Music and Audio app platform with 150 million music tracks. SoundCloud along with the music tracks provide you next emerging music artists chart showing the top albums, live platforms, etc. Soundcloud also has different versions where some are free but some have monthly subscriptions.

SoundCloud Free has over 120 million music tracks and has all the latest emerging artists. In SoundCloud Free you will get suggestions of music tracks based on the positive and negative feedback you give in form of likes and dislikes. In the free version, you can search and discover a plethora of music of your taste. It may contain ads. Also, you can make playlists for different occasions like birthday parties, workouts or according to your mood.

The paid versions of SoundCloud are SoundCloud GO and SoundCloud GO+. They both have features of the free version plus some emerging features like the GO  version have:

  • Expanding music over 120 million tracks
  • Offline Collections
  • No ads and uninterrupted music experience

And much more.

You can upgrade GO to GO+ to get your collection expanded to 150 million and much more excited features.

  1. GO Music- Free Music, Equalizer, Themes:

Go Music is also an emerging music app to which you can access totally free. You can use this app to get a personalized music library, Along with the music you can also try the powerful equalizer and ringtone tools to get your favorite song lyrics as your ringtone. Go Music personalize your playlist according to your history, that means you need not to provide any feedback for the music trait you want to listen or not.

So, these are few top rated music apps which can suit your requirements and you can make your own playlist with different exciting features.

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