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Selling Your Android Phone: Everything You Need To Know

If you have got an old Android smartphone, now is the perfect time to upgrade to a newer smartphone. Of course, popular smartphone companies have already released the latest models of their smartphones. Additionally, though, there are many newcomers who have also launched impressive Android smartphones that incorporate new technologies. If you own an old version smartphone, the technology that your phone entails is already dated. Don’t fret, you can easily upgrade to a better phone of your choice by selling your old one for cash. In order to sell your phone in a favourable manner, the article contains everything you need to know.

What Can Android Phones Be Sold?

Some recent statistics reveal that mobile phone owners typically upgrade their mobile phones in just between 11 to 18 months. It seems like every few months, a new model that does even more than the previous one is introduced. People flock to get the latest and greatest models, but their old ones sit around and collect dust. So, if you have a phone that is old and unwanted, it is a good bet you can sell your phone online and use the earnings to pay for your next smartphone purchase.

In addition, faulty or broken Android phones can also be sold for cash. There are so many mobile Phone recycling companies willing to buy your good-conditioned and even damaged phones at reasonable prices. Keep in mind defective phones are a source of toxic substances that can damage the environment, therefore, you should never end up your broken phone in a landfill site; you can simply sell it and get the benefits of getting money and reducing e-waste in order to promote the healthy environment as well.

Why Sell Your Phone to Mobile Phone Recycling Companies?

If you want to sell your old phone which has been lying in an unused condition for the past few weeks, it would be a wise decision to contact the mobile phone recycling website that buys it irrespective of its condition and model. Selling such phones would increase your bank balance and you can get the phone sold without devoting any effort. With the presence of a number of recycling websites, it is necessary to make a comparison among them through a mobile phone recycling comparison website so that you can get a high amount of cash in exchange for your handset.

Another reason for selling old phones to recycling companies is to support the Green Living in the country. When you discard your old or broken phone in a garbage site, the detrimental substances (such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic etc.) found in mobile phones can pollute the groundwater, soil, and air. However, recycling companies take old or damaged phones out for recycling purpose. Functional or good conditioned mobiles are sold to smartphone dealers or detailers for refurbishment, while the parts of non-functional phones are recycled to produce new products. In this way, they play a major role in tossing the e-waste in an eco-friendly way.

How to Sell Your Phone to A Mobile Phone Recycling?       

So if you have any Android phones of any brand, now is the right time to dig out them all out and disperse them all off, so that you can heel them up to recycle and sell them for cash. The most recommended way to sell/recycle your phones is to find a listing of the top recycling sites by approaching a comparison site. Recycling comparison websites bring a quick and fair comparison of recent prices offered by top listed recycling websites so that you can find the highest price in a matter of seconds.

The selling process through a comparison site is quite easy. All you need to do is to search for your mobile model. Once you enter your phone details, the comparison site will present a list of top deals from the leading recycling sites on your screen. You will have to choose the highest one and then complete your online selling process by providing all the required information.

Once you confirm the sale online then you will have to send your phone to the local address of your selected recycler. And you will get paid in just 3-5 working days via cheque or bank transfer once the recycling company collects your phone and examine it thoroughly as well.

Put your all effort into looking for a reputable mobile phone recycling comparison website. This option will definitely help you make the most money in return, save you time, and cut all hassles.

What to Do With Your Old Phone Before Selling It?

  • Before you send your phone to the recycling company, you will want to ensure you removed all of your personal data. Create a backup of your Android phone through Google account or simply connect your handset to PC using a USB cable for backup. And after saving all data, you should wipe your phone to eliminate all chances of data loss.
  • If it has a SIM card, be sure to remove it from your phone.
  • Replace the casing and screen protector to give a new look to your phone. Remember a good-conditioned fully functional mobile phone can recover more than half price of its original price.

A Few Final Thoughts

Why keep your old, outdated Android smartphone lying around? Why not take advantage of the opportunity to get some cash? Mobile phone recycling firms are taking any model, in any condition, even if it’s broken and pay you a nice price for it. This is usually because they can reuse the entire products or some of the parts of them in many ways. It is obviously better for the environment than all of those phones ending up in the landfill. In all honesty, it perhaps won’t be more than a few days and you will get your hands on a new handset by cutting its expensive price anyway!

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