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6 Top Destinations For Travelling To Africa

As I started travelling, it was really convenient because I was only around my own land and exploring the best of it. Then one day I decided to sneak out from the comfort level and tried to plan holidays in Africa, anywhere. I thought I was confident enough to roam around and experience different cultures altogether but it was not even close. Anyways, travel is not only about the beauty of landscapes but its more than experiencing the difference. One thing I learned was that every culture has their own beliefs and one should respect them in every manner.

The African Kingdom is most famous for its enchanting wildlife. Never-ending beaches trails and national parks have attracted tourists from all over the globe. Every year, multiple events are held on music and culture and people travel from just to enjoy the cultural events. To know more about Africa just go through the list below, I have lined up some amazing places for travellers.

  1. Malawi

Malawi is about the beautiful series of landscapes. It’s white sandy beaches are major attractions to sightsee and explore. Although the infrastructure is not that strong, you can always get the clear water which is also perfect for swimming. Enjoy a wide range of water sports or experience the interesting culture which is definitely making up for the substandard condition of a country.

  1. South Africa

If you’re an artist and looking for inspiration, then select South Africa for your next vacation trip. Fill up your canvas with the colours and enjoy the beauty at its best. Table Mountain is the most captivating tourist attraction and also give you a fascinating vibe about the surroundings. The thrill of South Africa doesn’t end in cape town but Kruger national park is also worth passing through for a wildlife experience.

  1. Madagascar

A land for outdoor enthusiasts. I am sure many of us encountered the situation, where we have only option to survive and it is to get away from it.  Madagascar is the place for these kinds but make sure to pack a lot of patience along. As the country has been offering rainforest, desert, hiking and climbing but at the same time, it’s really poor for road travels. So, I’m pretty sure that you’ll be fine without reacting because it is good to practice patience.

  1. Tanzania

Wildlife, Serene beaches and awe-inspiring culture can be the real way of describing Tanzania. It is also known as the land of safaris. Elephants, Giraffes and it’s frightening when lion surround your vehicle. If lived lively, it can be the best experience of a lifetime

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  1. Morocco

Morocco is said to be the gateway to Africa and I would say it is also a gateway to the Sahara Desert. The country is holding on to the vibrant cultures. Food, landscapes and medinas, it all has a surprising charm to grab the attention and stay in your memories forever. Your Cheap holidays to Morocco will always add up a spice and adventure to your life.

  1. Egypt

History class was one of the most boring classes of my student life. I don’t know the reason but it never inspired me for a longer period of time. But the day I started travelling, I get to know more and more about the history preserved by different countries. The history of Egypt is quite thrilling, as you have learned in your books, the land has much more to offer now. It is not only about the pyramids but the royalty is in their nature.  Explore the famous river of Nile and also discover some ancient monuments including Luxor, the temple of Horus etc.

Moreover, you can always live beyond the imaginations. Take every moment of life as a next challenge to learn something. Travel and discover the corners of the world, learn the history and chase your dreams.